FAQ with Answers

What is a Spam?

Frankly speaking, we have no intention in messing around with this fantastic trademark - "SPAM". By definition, SPAM is an adjective use to describe "a canned meat product". Don't believe? Head over to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam) and read it on your own.

In any case, the spam that we are talking about here refers to the "unsolicited or undesired electronic messages". Do not mix the two up, they are two different things living in two different dimensions - one in 2D and another in 3D.

Anyway, we must confess that we love both spams and SPAMs!

What about PasteLeft?

Now, pasteleft is not something we created. The meaning? It's the total reverse of whatever the meaning of this word - copyright.

The difference between pasteleft and the rest of the open-source terms such as "BSD", "Creative Commons", "GNU" and etc is that pasteleft does not and will not protect your intellectual property and/or claim the ownership of the property.

There is one important point though, anything that is marked as pasteleft could not be turned into something copyrighted. Other than that you are free to do anything you would like, including but not limited to copying, duplicating, ripping, and even selling pasteleft stuffs for your own benefit. You could even claim that a pasteleft item is yours, even though this is technically impossible since the duped item is still pastelefted.

So in the context of this blog, all contents are pastelefted and hence you are explicitly allowed to do anything you want with the contents (of course except turning them into copyrighted materials).

Images that you are seeing on this website may be subjected to copyright terms. Do not use... OK, don't even think of using them elsewhere.

Where are my comments?

Blogger has some sorts of automated comment filter, and we suspect that it is that filter which filters away your comment. Having said that, we can assure you that we typically browse through the comments that had been marked as spams once in a while, and will definitely publish the legitimate ones along the way when we discover them.

However, if you believe that you submitted a comment but it has not been published for a long time, feel free to contact us at blog.at.elohkcalb.dot.com and we will check where that missing comment landed at.

Where is the recipe?

We're sorry, if you are an alcoholic and are looking for the real recipe, we might have misled you to this page. You might want to use this instead: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=blackhole+recipe.