Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Louis Vuitton / Tiffany & Co. / Ray-Ban / Oakley / Thomas Sabo / Hermes Discount?!

If you have recently received promotional emails with offers of branded goods at a great discount from any of the following domains, please ignore and delete them immediately. These jokers are in fact selling 100% counterfeit products, made in China and ship from China.

We also did a bit of background check, and it appears that the owner of the domains goes to a person with the email account The spams are delivered from servers hosted with Ubiquity Servers (Nobis Technology Group). The spamvertised websites are also most likely to be hosted with them, but the spammer has added a reverse proxy in between with servers hosted at BudgetVM/Enzu.

(List last updated 23/Oct/2013)

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